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What Your Books Reveal about You

Do your bookshelves contain the roadmap of the journey of your life? Do the titles tell a story of where have you been and where are you going? You may be surprised by what your books reveal about you.


Discover 11 Secret Steps to Becoming a World-Class Bookworm

Are bookworms secret superheroes? I don’t know about that, but most superheros are super-smart, brainyacs. So how does an ordinary mortal become a world-class bookworm and join this elite group? It’s easy!


Why YA Romance on Valentine’s Day Feels More Significant Than Adult Romantic Fiction

Can a YA romance on Valentine’s Day really compete with a lusty swashbuckly bodice ripper? Yes! Let me share this secret with the shrinking percentage of the adult population who have not yet discovered these great romantic reads.


Cat, Consistency, and #5amwritersclub: How You Can Write a Novel in One Year

How do you write a novel in one year? These 3 tools are guaranteed to help you make significant progress on that book you’ve always wanted to write or finish.


How Goodreads Reading Challenges Keep Me On Track

If you’re looking for a resolution to help you read more books, consider a Goodreads Reading Challenge. But be careful that it doesn’t stress you out!


13 Reasons Why Adults Love Reading YA

According to market research, more than 50% of YA readers are adults, not teens. Why? I’ve come up with 13 Reasons Why that might surprise you.


3 Reasons Why the show 13 Reasons Why Is Better Than Book

True confession from a YA book addict: Although I liked Jay Asher’s book, Thirteen Reasons Why, I LOVED Netflix’s miniseries version of it even more. In this post, I’ll give you 3 compelling reasons why you should put down the book and pick up the remote instead.


Why I Hate Censorship in YA Fiction

I hate censorship in any form, but don’t mess with my literature. Here’s 4 reasons why I think suppression of ideas is horrible—and one possible benefit.


Which YA Books about Eating Disorders Should You Read?

Reading books can help save lives. Novels about eating disorders can show others what these illnesses look like. Through the power of story, someone may recognize their own symptoms of disordered eating or in their friends, and this can lead someone to seek assistance.

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