A sweet but intense contemporary YA that’s perfect for readers seeking a little romance and humor from super-smart teens working on robots.

Acceptance into MIT means everything to eighteen-year-old Kansas Jones, who is class president, top female swimmer on the varsity team, a straight-A student, and member of the local teen robotics club. But one misstep leads to an unwanted pregnancy that threatens to unravel her immaculate resume. Twelve weeks seems like plenty of time to take care of the situation, except things are stacking up: finals, college applications, her MIT interview, and finishing the robot for the R2-RoboCon competition. She doesn’t have time or money for an abortion.

When a close family member loses a child, Kansas sees how she could fix everything. But is she willing to give up her dreams for the future to carry this unwanted pregnancy to term—and will she really be able to give the baby away in the end?

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"Wow! I love how you tackle really difficult subjects with grace and compassion. Once again, your characters are flawless." - Judge, 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"The author explores the twists and turns of one’s life with sensitivity and compassion...  This page-turner does not disappoint." Keep Calm, Goodreads

"The book is full of spirit and energy. Very few books have gripped me this well in ages. All the geeky people will love this." Victor Oh, Goodreads

"Highly recommended for readers of Young Adult fiction! This will be in my top ten books of 2016!" Shannon Springer, Goodreads

"It's a short, sweet read about family, learning, and growing into an adult, and maybe a little romance if you're into that. I'd recommend." Rhea Reads

"Khristina Chess has written a brilliant novel about teen pregnancy." BethLee, Goodreads

Overall, it was an emotionally intense but thought-provoking read. Olivia Farr, Goodreads

The Future Unborn
By Khristina Chess
Named runner-up in the  2017 RONE Awards .

Named runner-up in the 2017 RONE Awards.