Suicide should be the last thing on Kim’s mind. She’s on track for being valedictorian of her senior class and getting into the perfect college.

Then her parents’ separation ruins everything. Suddenly, she finds herself in a downward spiral of depression and academic confusion. Despite her study efforts, she’s in danger of getting a B in Calculus. That can’t happen. Kim believes the only way she can afford to attend the university she wants is through academic scholarships, by being at the top of her class, a perfect GPA, first place, valedictorian. Her whole future is riding on her grades.

With the clock ticking on the grading period, the last thing she needs is to fall in love with the cute new guy in Writer’s Club. High school romance isn’t part of her plan.

As the day for report cards draws near, depression threatens to overwhelm Kim, and she makes secret preparations for committing suicide. What will it take for her to realize that getting a B isn’t the end of the world?

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Reviews (See All Amazon Reviews)

"Absorbing and intriguing. A great book about a troublesome subject." By momof3infl

"It's a good read for any age." By l2read

"There is never a dull or slow moment." By Lyndel

"Very good exploration of depression, over achieving, and even young love." By Lonnye

"This book actually inspired me because some of the events she was living were similar to my own world. I've come to realize that straight a's isn't everything in life. Thank you Khristina Chess for writing this inspirable book." By Tinker Bell




Straight A's
By Khristina Chess