A high-stakes YA novel that’s great for fans of It’s Kind of a Funny Story—this romantic story will amuse and inspire.

Kim’s on track for being valedictorian of her class, winning academic scholarships, and getting into the perfect college—or she was until Calculus class this year. But with report cards coming out soon, academic pressures are mounting, and anxiety threatens to overwhelm her. Now Kim’s making secret preparations to commit suicide if she doesn’t earn straight A’s. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with the cute new guy in Writer’s Club. But when she’s backed into a corner with no other way out, can a poet help her realize that a B isn’t the end of the world?

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"Absorbing and intriguing. A great book about a troublesome subject." By momof3infl

"It's a good read for any age." By l2read

"There is never a dull or slow moment." By Lyndel

"Very good exploration of depression, over achieving, and even young love." By Lonnye

"This book actually inspired me because some of the events she was living were similar to my own world. I've come to realize that straight a's isn't everything in life. Thank you Khristina Chess for writing this inspirable book." By Tinker Bell




Straight A's
By Khristina Chess