Shrek, Dragons, and an Ugly Duckling

Humpty Dumpty isn’t a normal visitor to the Friday Night Art Walk in downtown Huntsville. I see a lot of things from my vendor booth on the corner: people walking dogs of all shapes and sizes, kids eating frozen ice, cars circling the block, and that guy at the restaurant across the street who does valet parking for the restaurant. Occasionally there’s the oddity like the guy riding a skateboard down the middle of the street with a camera. Or the musician with the accordion. Or the little redheaded princess in pink tights with green butterfly wings.

But when Humpty Dumpty crossed the street, I wasn’t sure what to think.

More characters soon followed. There were two king’s men, a lovely queen, and then an ugly duckling. They were characters from Shrek the Musical, handing out cards to advertise for their upcoming production at Lee High School. That ugly duckling looked adorable and very hot in her costume.

That’s what I love about the downtown Art Walk. Every month is unique. The people who come out are fun to talk to, and everyone is enjoying the city and the atmosphere. There’s live music competing with the street noise of the traffic. It has a festival feeling about it.


Lots of people visited my table. One mother and her teenage son came to hear about my books, and I ran through the 30-second elevator pitch. The mother turned to her son.

“No dragons,” she said.

“I don’t care about any of that,” he said. “It sounds really depressing.”

I laughed. “They have happy endings. Romance.”

He shook his head and backed away with a look of horror on his face. I wish I’d thought to mention to robots and the zombies, but I’m not sure that would have been enough to entice him. Maybe my next book needs to include a dragon?

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