Savoring the Binge Bloat: Lost in Space

Danger Will Robinson! Netflix has a new binge-worthy series: Lost In Space. I love the modernization of the classic story, its deeper narratives, the bigger cast of characters, and of course the robot. Some critics have written that Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space gave up something essential in the serialization of the story. We now consume television series, not in episodes, but in entire series:

Netflix: Are you still watching?

Me: Continue Watching

Yes, continue watching. I must continue until it’s done.

In fact, I would argue that binge-watching series is a new genre and that viewers aren’t really supposed to watch just one episode. You can, but really, why would you? It’s created to be consumed all at once, over a weekend, while consuming unhealthy food.

Writers break novels into chapters, but are you really supposed to stop at each one? No. When the book’s really good, you plow through from front to back without stopping. In fact, that’s why I don’t do well reading books in series either. I wait until the author publishes the whole collection so I can binge all of them in one group.

After the binge comes the bloat. All that television (and perhaps snacking)… and what am I supposed to watch now? Does anyone have any recommendations? Maybe I should do a little writing now. That’s what writers are supposed to do: watch less TV, write more, and read more.

Oh wait, Netflix has a new recommendation for me!

What are your thoughts? Like or share your thoughts. I especially love Netflix recommendations.