Talk at Creative Writing Magnet - Lee High School

This week, I was invited to visit the Creative Writing Magnet class at Lee High School to talk about my journey as a writer, the classes I took in college, my process, self-publishing, tips & tricks, and whatever else might come up. Fifteen poetry and prose students—including some budding YA authors—asked me various questions about how to create characters and build plots. They quickly put me at ease with their genuine interest and curiosity, and the hour flew.

As I told them the story of how I started writing in elementary school and how I wanted to be a writer in high school, like them, I realized what a full-circle moment I was experiencing. Who would have thought that I’d become a visiting author at a high school writing class or that other students might want to listen to anything about my experience along the road to publication? But I told them that writers were artists and that it was okay to make mistakes. I described the bad novels I’d written along the way to learning how to write the ones I’d finally published. I talked about dreaming big and not listening to the voices of other people who didn’t believe in my writing.

They nodded. They had people like that in their lives too.

But I had good people in my life growing up, too—people like Aunt Penny and Mr. Greene, who encouraged me to write and keep writing. All it really takes is a little encouragement to make the seeds sprout and thrive.

I’m so happy that programs like that one exist, and I’m thankful to the teachers and administrators who support the students. It seems like a wonderful place to nourish the new voices of tomorrow and help them grow strong and confident. I wonder what beautiful things they will write.