Hot Time at Sparkman High Arts Festival #amwriting #writerslife

The sun was brutal today at the Sparkman High School Arts Festival. Yesterday may have been the first officially day of fall, but it sure felt like summer is still here.

The highlight of my day was meeting two separate readers who'd read my books and met me at events in past years. They stopped by my table to say that they'd enjoyed the books they'd read. One person even purchased another book today. 

"We were blessed by your books," the second woman said. She and her daughter had both read them.

I'm compelled to write. I can't help it. I've been doing it my whole life. But it's moments like those, when someone tells me that they liked something that I read, that always give me a little glow. I'm sending words into the abyss... and someone read them. And was blessed.

And that blesses me.