Writer Blocked #amwriting #writerslife #indieauthors

I’m sitting on two unpublished YA novels. You haven’t seen anything new from me since “The Future Unborn” in 2016, but I’m not blocked in the traditional sense.

I’m trying to make the switch from indie to traditional publishing.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of this move. For me and my audience of YA readers, I feel that a traditional publisher is the best way to place my print books into the brick-and-mortar stores where teens are more likely to buy them. I also want to put my books into school libraries.

Plus, it’s pretty hard to get a major motion picture made of your book as an indie. :)

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency signed with me in December, 2016. I wrote another book while waiting for the first one to sell. Now there are two in the queue, and I’m 20,000 words into a third. “Writer’s block” isn’t the problem.

Jennifer reassures me about the slow pace. Things pick up in the fall; the publishing business works at a different pace. I’m just used to fast in indie. My editor is fast. The cover designers I’ve worked with are fast. Write, edit, proof, assemble, and publish. I’m in control of my schedule, and I like getting things done.

So for my readers out there who might be wondering, yes I’m blocked—but not by writing. The books are here. Just waiting. They’re coming. I promise.

Please be patient.