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Being patient doesn’t come easy—especially when waiting for this particular news.

“Have you heard from your agent yet?” My friends ask this question frequently, and the answer is always the same.

“No,” I say, “but it takes time. I expect it to be awhile. I keep busy with writing.”

Inside, my heart is screaming: When? When? When?

I count the days since I last exchanged email with my agent, wondering if she sent really sent it out, who she sent it to, how many rejections have come in, or if she simply forgot all about me. Maybe I am a To Do sticky note that fell off the side of her desk and am gathering dust on the carpet. The doubt monsters run rampant through my mind. Rational brain says that all writers go through this sort of thing, from the writing process through the query process, and right through to the very end. This is perfectly normal. It is the nervous tick of the creative mind.

Waiting patiently is an act of faith. Whatever happens is out of my hands. Trust. Believe.

So I do the one thing that I can do. I write. About this, I am very patient. I try to count words and pages instead of minutes and days that have passed since our last communication.

This morning I crossed 39,000 words on my new book.

I know where I’m going.