When Characters Must Die #amwriting #5amwriting #3amwriting #amediting #writerslife

Killing characters makes me angsty. I don’t like real life conflict, and creating a world where fictional characters (human or animal) end up dead takes real emotional effort. I try to avoid it on the page the same way I do with co-workers. Maybe everyone can just get along. No one needs to die today.

Except there’s that pesky drumbeat called a plot. It demands progress. And conflict.

Maybe it’s because I write young adult that I worry so much. What kind of messages am I giving teen readers? What will their parents think? Is anything about this too mature? Does this character really have to die?

Maybe I could just make everything a bad dream…

Except I know the truth. That doesn’t work with real-life conflict. Readers won’t accept it with good fiction, either. Someone's going to get hurt before this ends.

Disclaimer: No animals or humans (fictional or actual) or harmed during the writing of this blog.