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Someone is reading one of my books right now. Amazon’s reporting gives me insight at the very moment Kindle pages are being read (or not), and this data makes me feel happy (or sad). Am I the only Indie Author who visits the Kindle Direct Publishing Report each day with shaking fingers, wondering whether or not my heartbeat is still ticking, or have I flat-lined?



I love watching when they read the whole book in one or two days. Yes!

I wonder if Kindle readers know that Kindle authors can monitor their reading habits like this. “Keep reading,” I say. “You’ll love how it ends.”

I wonder if they know we get paid by the number of pages read.

I hope this person enjoys the book enough to give me a star rating or even write a review on Goodreads or Amazon. That’s the frosting on the brownie for me. I dance around the kitchen like a fool when that happens.

It’s better than a runner’s high. It’s the writer’s high.