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Do you ever feel like you’re living a double life? By day I am Bruce Wayne, serious corporate suit in Gotham City—except without the mansion, secret passageways, and cool gadgets. My Mustang is nice but no Batmobile.

But at 3 AM, I am A Writer, inventing villains, heroines, stories and whole worlds for them to act out their conflicts. I fight the tyranny of bad grammar and spelling errors. I champion the good read.

Some of my colleagues know my alter ego as YA author, but many do not. When someone finds out, they often exclaim, “I had no idea you write books!” Big smile, eyes wide, like maybe I just saved a baby from a burning building.

That’s how I feel about writing books anyway—at least by the end of the thing.

It seems that there are thousands of us in the world: writers, musicians, filmmakers, painters, and dreamers. We form a Justice League of Artists, people who pursue the joy of creating things, and many of us do it in the margins of our “normal” lives.

Carry on, my friends. As long as we practice our crafts, the world remains safe from mediocrity and sameness.