No Morning Twitter #amwriting #amnotwriting #writerslife #writersblock

So I had to set a new rule this week: no morning Twitter. My writing time starts at 3:00 AM and happens before my day job starts. It’s precious. I have been a very productive writer by being disciplined and defending this sliver of time from any encroachment.

Twitter has no place at 3:00 AM.

Since discovering my tribe on social media, productivity these past few weeks has slowed to a crawl. Word counts are way down. “Likes” are up. This trend is not the way I need to go.

The desktop guardians of the sacred writing time disapprove.

So, no Twitter before 7:00 AM. None, nada, zilch. I’m firm about this.

Except this feels really hard… like avoiding chocolate when the candy dish is sitting right there on the table.