A Little Bit Fuzzy

Today was the Southern Authors Expo at the Downtown Public Library in Huntsville. One of the volunteers said that there were 85 writers in attendance. I met several wonderful authors and many volunteers and patrons of the library. Each time I attend an event like this, I enjoy them more and more because people are a lot of fun to meet. They share stories with me. I like watching them as they wander among the tables and interact with other authors.

I was so tickled by a little boy about five years old who stopped at my table near the end of the day while his dad talked to an author nearby. I offered one of my SWAG bookmarks. When he realized that everyone around me had free stuff on their tables too, he began collecting. I watched him walk down the row and visit the other authors. In three minutes, he'd learned the trade show game. Well done!

My neighbor tried to take my picture three different times, but my silly camera wouldn't focus. The picture came out a bit fuzzy. It was just that kind of day.