What I'm working on now... "Junior Missing"

With the release of "The Future Unborn" just a few months behind me, I'm already deep into my next book. It's a page-turner, and the writing is going really fast as well. I wanted to give you a little preview. The working title is "Junior Missing," and my draft of the blurb goes like this:

Love doesn’t hit. It doesn’t bully or pinch. It doesn’t threaten the lives of loved ones.

Sixteen year old Grace Keegan, darling of the child pageant world, is missing. Police believe she ran away. They don’t know she met someone online, someone older, a musician named Quentin Brock. He seemed to be charming, cute, and funny. He seemed to be the perfect guy.

By the time he shows his true colors, she’s trapped.

Love isn’t supposed to take prisoners.

I'm trying to hit a fall or end-of-year target for release. Stay tuned for more information.