Finding My Tribe: #authorfail #amwriting, #amnotwriting, #amreading

I have a few confessions to make. I’ve been struggling to understand this social media thing. You might have noticed this already. It’s not exactly a natural fit for me. I understand writing books. I’m great with email. Skype is pretty great too. Blogging? Well…

And Twitter? What the heck am I supposed to do with this?

One of my new writer friends, recently gave me some Twitter-101 Tips. What a revelation! Over my holiday break, I’ve logged some serious hours, learning about following, not following, retweating, liking, hashtagging, and through a lot of trial and error, I finally had a breakthrough.

I’ve been approaching this all wrong.

“Establishing an Author Platform” started as an item on my indie author checklist. Cleaning up cat hairballs sounded preferable for a long time. What would I say? I write novels, not essays or tweets. Who cares how many words I completed on my book today?


There is a whole community of people out there who care how many words were created today. This is the breakthrough. I have found my tribe—and they write about their funniest spelling errors and number of words written and procrastination tactics. Blogging feels like one of these, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe through the blogging and tweeting and posting we are able to connect in this bigger community of writers and readers, and in that way, we remember what we love the most: the words. The words become sentences, and then pages, and then whole books.

Lovely books.