Fall Leaves and YA Fiction

The weather was lovely on Saturday so I grabbed my camera and books and headed outside for a photo shoot. As I tried to pose my books in the branches of a pecan tree, my husband came out and stood in the back yard with a confused look on his face that clearly said, "What are you doing, crazy woman?"

I am no photographer.

I had spent some time browsing the beautiful work on Instagram and thought, "I could do this," but as I balanced my books on the thin wire of a barbed wire fence row and tried to capture the rustic scene, I thought that perhaps I don't have an eye for this.

Maybe I should stick to words.

The goats watched me from a distance. Acorns are plentiful in the thick underbrush, and they love those things. I wondered if any would pose with my books for a special farm photo shoot, but since only one of them will let me close enough for a quick neck scratch, I was doubtful.

Our massive Great Pyrenees would only drool on everything.

Finally I found a place where the light was nice and colorful leaves had fallen. This might work. I made a nest and took this shot.

This encouraged me to explore my creative side further.

Maybe next time I'll go to the mall and pose my books with mannequins in department stores. I can have them pretend to read YA fiction intently while they model designer fashions. Wouldn't that be fun?