Coming Soon... "Drive to June"

Thank you to those who bought and read "Hollow Beauty" and "Straight A's." Your support and encouragement is so appreciated.

Meanwhile, I've been busy with writing. My new book, "Drive to June," is expected to be ready for publication this spring. Here's a teaser to let you know what it's about:

Adrianna is drowning her grief.

Sixteen months ago, her mother died. With her father traveling so much, and her older sister away at college, no one notices that she’s been slowly draining her mother’s extensive wine collection. She drinks to forget an awful secret. She drinks until she goes numb.

Now, she can’t seem to quit, and with no really close friends or teachers who know her in this new school, Adrianna has nothing to stop her free-fall. There is no one to help her deal with her pain.

Then she meets Ian.