Desire to Be Thin

I started my first diet in middle school, around the time that puberty hit. I remember having "head rushes" where everything went black because my blood sugar dropped so low from not eating all day. Then I went to college and gained the Freshman Fifteen. I've struggled with dieting since then. In my thirties, I lost 60 pounds on weight watchers, and except for 5 pounds that I gain and lose throughout any given year, I remain relatively stable at a healthy weight.

According to one Internet article that I found, I was in the 91% of female teenagers who tried dieting. Maybe I was even in the 40% who had an eating disorder, though I don’t know if I qualified for the label. Does it really matter?

My new novel, “Hollow Beauty,” explores this subject. The main character follows a restrictive diet which may or may not be anorexic. You decide.

If you or a teen you love struggles with disordered eating and dieting, I hope you’ll find this novel hopeful. I base the character’s journey on my own limited experience, which was not at all as tragic as the many stories I have read.

I expect to release the book in early September.