Coming Soon... "Hollow Beauty"

Reviews and initial sales for "Straight A's" have exceeded expectations. Thank you to those who bought and read my book. Your support and encouragement is so appreciated.

Meanwhile, I've been writing. My new book, "Hollow Beauty," is expected to be ready for publication this fall. Here's a teaser to let you know what it's about:

When tall, gorgeous Brody asks Olivia to the prom, she’s ecstatic—until he suggests that she use the two months before the dance to lose some weight. Does he think she’s fat? His comment sends Olivia on a spiral of insecurity and dangerously rapid weight loss that borders on anorexia.

As her pounds disappear, her friendship deepens with Ross, the new prep cook at the diner where she works.  Despite his mysterious limp, he doesn’t suffer crippling low self-esteem like Olivia does; usually, she can’t even look at herself in the mirror anymore.   But when she’s riding dirt bikes and searching for caves with Ross, she doesn’t feel ugly or fat, just herself again—hanging out and having fun.

With Brody, instead of finding the romance and true love she had hoped for, she feels like a terrified rabbit that he’s going to devour.  She refuses to think about that.  She’s almost thin enough.  And she’s going to be beautiful for the prom.